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Contract manufacturing of nutritional supplements

Faun produces your dietary supplements efficiently and reliably. We do not have our own brands. Instead, we concentrate fully on our customers.

It all starts with quality!

At Faun, we never compromise on quality. The process begins by determining  the requirements and wishes of our customers, and continues with a focus on service, availability and customer care. Products are always delivered in perfect condition at the scheduled time.


Faun Pharma

The history of Faun Pharma AS dates back to 2001, with the contract manufacturing of dietary supplements. In 2014, Zinzino AB took ownership of Faun. Since then, there have been significant efforts to modernise and raise the general standard of the business in all areas.


Faun's quality system has been  ISO 9001 certified since January 2016. This has been a cornerstone of our improvement efforts. Faun is certified according to Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000 - a globally recognized management system for food safety.

Certifications, approvals and export

100% Natural

Natural additives have been an important trend in the field of nutritional supplements. Faun has experience and expertise in replacing traditional chemical additives with natural substances, and ensuring that they work just as well in industrial production.


Nutritional supplements

As the term implies, nutritional supplements are a supplement to a normal nutrition for your body. If our daily diet lacks, or has an insufficient amount of certain nutrients, we may require supplements. We can easily obtain some of these in the form of concentrated vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids in practical and reasonably priced tablets or capsules.

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