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Vindturbiner i fjellene


Faun is commited to respecting and supportingthe human rights of all individuals potentially affected by our operations. The UN has given the world a common work plan; The UN's sustainability goals, to eradicate poverty, fight inequalities and stop climate change by 2030. Faun will contribute to achieving the UN's sustainability goals and to promoting respect for basic human rights and decent working conditions. The important sustainability promise requires a long-term strategy and an open dialogue. We work continuously to update internal guidelines and routines so that our operations meet legal requirements and expectations.

The Transparency Act

Faun is covered by the Norwegian Transparency Act and we work closely with our suppliers and partners to bring about good measures and improvements. Faun distances itself from suppliers, customers or other partners who deviate from, or actively prevent individuals' human rights from being respected. Furthermore, the company is certified in accordance with FSSC 22000 (food safety), where due diligence assessment of suppliers is a requirement.

The due diligence assessment includes:

  • All suppliers are registered, evaluated, and approved in the company's quality system before being put into use. The evaluation is linked to food safety, delivery capability, as well as the social and envirinmental responsibilitiy of the suppliers.

  • Suppliers are regularly reviewed, and the interval is determined by the risk assessment for each supplier and the criticality of the goods/service for Faun's operation.

Responsible consumption and production

Faun facilitates responsible production where we use our resources wisely, and are continuously working to reduce our environmental footprint. We therefore establish annual action plans to reduce the burden from the company on the external environment. These are linked to Faun's overall sustainability goals:

  • Offer and facilitate use of more sustainable product packaging to our customers

  • Reduce total amount of waste

  • Increase proportion of source-sorted waste so that the company at all times satisfies the current requirements in the EU regulations.

  • Reduce energy consumption

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