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1.New customers

Faun welcomes new customers. We work two shifts at the factory, and have the capacity to expand several production lines.


As a new customer, you can expect excellent assistance by our friendly and competent sales and development team. We will determine your needs and wishes, and find good solutions for everything from formulas and raw materials to packaging and logistics.

We also handle correct labelling for both

the Norwegian market and for export to other countries.

We have experience with exports, and can offer good advice on certificates and other formalities in a number of countries.


If you already have a product on the market or a tested formula you wish to have manufactured, contact us for an offer.

1.New customers
2.Product development

Faun Pharma has expertise and experience in the entire process from formula development to finished product. There are many factors that must be addressed along the way.


What type of raw materials should be used, and what type of product will this be (tablets, capsules or oils)? What sort of packaging is best, and how should the product be packed and distributed?  Another important factor is the volume of production here at our factory.  


The final formula will initially be tested in the laboratory before we initiate a large-scale production run in the factory.


Once the tests are successful, we will be able to state an accurate price for the product.


Faun Pharma also ensures that the product is correctly labelled, including content declaration and accurate information on health claims, in accordance with prevailing laws and regulations in both Norway and relevant international markets.


We have created a development sheet for potential customers to fill out. This will provide us with a good foundation for deciding whether we can assist in developing a product, and what would be required for producing a finished product.


Use this contact form to request a development sheet.

2.Product development
3.Natural products
3.Natural products

Tablets and capsules are formulated with active substances and added fillers or substances to ensure that the powder flows evenly through the machines, and that the powder can be compacted into a good tablet shape.


These additives are well-tested chemical substances and are technically good solutions.

Now there is also a wide range of natural substances for this purpose. 


Faun has worked hard to find natural substances that are suitable for various products, and have developed expertise in the use of these formulations.

This is a good alternative for all-natural products.

4.Types of products and packaging formats
4.Types of products and packaging formats
Natual products
5.Contact us
5.Contact us
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