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About us


Faun Pharma is a reliable manufacturer of dietary supplements in the form of tablets, hard capsules and bottled oils. We are a purely a contract manufacturer, and do not have our own brands.


Faun Pharma’s history dates back to 2001, when its founders initiated contract manufacturing of dietary supplements. Over time, the company expanded to include sports supplements and cosmetics. The “Pharma” in our name was selected due to the company's ambition to manufacture pharmaceuticals, but this goal was never realised.


Zinzino AB, a global direct sales company, took ownership of Faun in 2014. Since its acquisition, there have been significant efforts to modernise and raise the general standard of the business in all areas. This work has led to excellent results, and Faun is now an efficient and reliable manufacturer with satisfied customers, skilled employees, great pride, significant growth and a solid financial foundation. 

Types of products


We have the expertise and equipment needed to manufacture dietary supplements in the optimal form for each product. 



We have tablet machines that can produce tablets in most sizes and shapes.



We manufacture hard capsules in several sizes.


Softgel capsules

We do not manufacture these at our factory, however, we do have solid agreements with several manufacturers in Europe, and can therefore offer products in softgel capsules.


Fish oil

Faun has expertise in the formulation and mixing of fish oil-based omega-3 supplements. 

Algal oil is a good alternative for vegan products.

Packaging formats


The traditional method of selling capsules and tablets is to package them in small boxes. 

We have the necessary equipment for most common box sizes.


Blister pack

Blister sheets in small shaft boxes are a good option as packaging for tablets and capsules. 



We tap fish oil products in bottles of several different sizes, materials and shapes.


Certifications, approvals and export

International standards and approval schemes represent a safe and simple way for a company to present its levels in various areas.

Once a third party has checked and certified this level, customers can feel secure in knowing that a single-level product meets the proper standards.


Faun's quality management system has been certified according to ISO 9001:2015 criteria since January 2016. Certification and annual audits have been important factors in our improvement efforts. Certification also ensures that our improvement efforts are part of a continuous and ongoing process. Our impressively low complaint statistics are proof of this. 

Faun manufactures dietary supplements and has therefore not been approved by the Norwegian Medicines Agency for pharmaceutical production. Nor are we authorised by the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) system. 


In terms of food safety, Faun has begun a process for certification according to the FSSC 22000 scheme. 

In our most recent audit, there were no negative remarks by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority regarding our HACCP system, (there is no government authorisation of HACCP). 


We are regularly audited by one of our clients according to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

We have also been approved for organic production (Debio), and are guaranteed doping-free (Informed Sports, Cambridge, UK). We are certified for raw materials from sustainable fisheries and fleets (Friend of the Sea).


Faun exports products to many countries in all parts of the world. We have lengthy experience with the bureaucratic challenges associated with this, in both Norway and our recipient countries. We maintain an overview of the regulations and documentation requirements, as well as requirements for registration and approval.

For instance, we have been registered and/or approved as a manufacturer in countries that require such registration for foreign manufacturers, e.g., the United States and Canada.

diatery supplements

Dietary supplements

As the name implies, dietary supplements are a supplement to a normal diet. If our daily diet lacks, or has an insufficient amount of certain nutrients, we may need supplements. We can easily obtain some of these in the form of concentrated vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids in practical and reasonably priced tablets or capsules.


Do you eat enough fatty fish? If not, it is likely you need an omega-3 supplement. This can be found in cod liver oil, flavoured fish oil, or in the form of capsules with high-concentrate oil.

Are you a vegetarian or vegan, or do you have other dietary or lifestyle restrictions? The main source of vitamin B12 is meat, so a B12 supplement may be a good idea. Vegetarians may also need supplements of vitamin D, iron, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids.


Pregnant? Folic acid (vitamin B9) and omega-3 fatty acids are essential for a developing child. Many women of childbearing age therefore take these.  During pregnancy, the need for additional nutrients increases, and supplements may be beneficial. This includes calcium, iron and iodine.

Iron is an essential mineral. We get this from red meat, bread and certain vegetables. Yet many women of childbearing age have an iron deficiency. Fortunately, there are many good iron supplements. Blood donors are often given iron supplements after giving blood.

This allows them to continue donating. Diet, lifestyle and certain stages of life may require nutritional supplements.


Official information

The Norwegian Directorate of Health stated the following on the website

“Dietary supplements, herbal products and

natural medicines”

Supplements of calcium, iron, omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients may be necessary if you omit essential food groups from your diet. Dietary supplements cannot, however, replace the wide variety of nutrients offered by a healthy and well-balanced diet.

When taking dietary supplements, you may be getting too much of certain nutrients. If you still wish to take a supplement, it is important to follow the dosage stated on the package, and that you do not take several different types of dietary supplements that contain the same vitamins and minerals.


Be cautious with herbal products, natural medicines and dietary supplements, especially when purchasing these abroad or online. Such products should only be taken on the advice of health personnel.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women and children are advised against taking supplements containing caffeine.”

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